Young Entrepreneurs Contest 2014 [15/8/2014]



Pinworld Young Entrepreneurs Contest 2014

Do your children have entrepreneur spirit? It would be a great fun and educational for children to think of and run their own little business venture during the summer vacation. The Young Entrepreneurs Contest 2014 aims to recognize and celebrate the entrepreneur spirit of Hong Kong children. Children just need to take photos and/or create a write-up about their own business venture. The businesses can be anything like selling home-made brownies, baby-sitting or washing cars.

Being an entrepreneur is a great way to teach children about finance and money. Parents, do encourage your kids to participate in such a meaningful contest!


Pinworld Young Entrepreneurs Contest 2014有用資料

  • 比賽截止日期:2014年8月15日
  • 比賽資格:香港8至14歲兒童/青少年
  • 比賽要求:在網站上載創業的相片及/或文字
  • 獎品:現金獎高達HK$1000以及豐富獎品

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Pinworld Young Entrepreneurs Contest

Pinworld Young Entrepreneurs Contest

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